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September 2014

Fall is the best time to plant!

  • Veggies and seed are in for late fall and winter harvest.  Fresh organic herbs too!
  • Mums are a sure sign of Fall along with container plants. We have lots in now with more arriving weekly.
  • Check out our Grasses: Muhly, lots of Pennisetums and Maiden Miscanthus grasses.
  • We have lots of new and interesting fall blooming perennials and NATIVES too!
  • Other new plants: a great mix of coreopsis, coneflowers, sedums, BUTTERFLY WEED arriving 1st week of September.
  • Fantastic load of maples, conifers and 3" fairy/container plants.

Fall Product:

  • Fall flags and monogram flags. Go Pack flags!
  • New shipment of pottery, including chimineas.
  • Bird seed.
  • Fall/winter seed.
  • Micro green kits.  

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IN THE GARDENOrganic fertilizers are Bayleaf's pick

  • With so much rain this summer, it's a great time to revitalize your plants by fertilizing with Espoma Organic fertilizers.  We have Plant-tone, Holly-tone, and others with added micro-nutrients & beneficial bacteria to bring your soil back to life.

  • Deadhead tired perennials.

  • Finish pruning before mid-September on evergreens that might need tidying up.

  • Fall is the BEST time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials.*  When planting new plants, soil preparation is the most important step to ensure success.  We recommend Organic Soil Conditioner, Black Kow Cow Manure and Mushroom Compost, Espoma Bio-tone Plus, and organic compost.  Just ask our staff about which ones are right for you.

    *Shorter days and cooler nights make for perfect planting of trees and shrubs.  Planting in Fall allows greater root establishment because the ground is still warm and roots will take off.

  • Time to renovate your Lawn
    Grass seed is in stock and now is the time to put out fescue.  Apply seed at a rate of 5 lbs /per 1,000sqft. for new lawns and when overseeding existing lawns.  Your seed will
    perform better in a non-compacted lawn area and adding organic matter to the soil will help by providing more air spaces and good nutrition.  Most topsoils do not have nutritional value and you may end up introducing weed seeds into your lawn.  Instead, Nelsa recommends a quarter inch spreading of cow manure or organic compost.  If you are starting from scratch till it into the soil, otherwise broadcast.

    Like the Old Farmer tells it, "If you don't make a deposit, then you can't withdraw!".  i.e. compost enriches the soil and fruits and veggies grow.

    Grass seed needs to have good contact with the soil as well as light to germinate.  Make sure when putting down wheatstraw only 50% of the area is covered.  As for lime, follow soil test recommendations or apply about 50 lbs/per 1000 sq.ft.

    What type of seed is best?
    It's important to use a seed that has at least 3 to 4 blends, with a high germination rate and a high percent pure seed rate.  If you compare a common bag of K-31 seed from a
    big box store and then a bag from an independently-owned store, you will see you get what you pay for.  Always read the seed label and compare apples to apples.  

    Percent pure seed x percent germination x pounds = actual viable seed
    For more information check out the NCSU turf files site for detailed info, including the NCSU LAWN CARE APP and "Carolina Lawns".  

  • Bird Feeding.  As the weather starts to cool off, be sure to have plenty of seed and suet for your feathered friends.

  • Get your fall garden transplants in.  Most of your root and leaf crops can be planted in a fall garden like lettuce, collards, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and more!

  • Control deer, rabbits, and voles.  Keep these hungry guys from decimating your plants with Imustgarden natural animal repellents.  A great local product that works on repelling rabbits, deer, squirrels, and even cats and dogs, plus it's all organic and smells good!

Need gardening advice?  Our staff is always happy to help you find gardening solutions, plus we offer classes on all kinds of gardening topics!  Upcoming:


Call 919-552-0590 or register on our facebook page.

Saturday, Sept 20th
10am, Plant Walk & Talk with horticulturist Nelsa Cox.
Free, registration requested.

11am, Fairy Garden class
Create your own tiny garden!  Fun & interactive.  Bring your own creative container and we'll help you plant it after class.  Free;
registration required.

Saturday, Oct 4th at 11am
Carol Stein's Gardeners Forum
"Micro-Mini Crops to Grow Indoors All Year"
Free, registration requested.


Mark your calendars for our annual Open House on November 8th and WPTF Live Remote, Nov 16th.

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I feel like saying Amen!  Amend, amend, amend with our bulk organic soil builder.  It's the best!

Happy Gardening and Plant on!
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